Sep 29


Initially I became interested in programming because it felt like the next logical step in a society that is becoming more integrated with technology. For a long time I had several misconceptions on what programming actually was until I took a class during the summer that focused on writing through digital media. That was my first introduction to anything remotely related to programming and I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it personally. It no longer felt like I was working at something to be good at it, I was now simply doing something I enjoyed. After learning more through additional courses I felt a great sense of achievement in what I now referred to as my new hobby.  The main aspect I enjoy the most is that through my website I can go back and make changes and additions to my work to show my progress. Through what I’ve learned so far I’ve developed a different variety of projects that showcase different things and I really like that programming is more fluid than what I initionally thought. However, it isn’t without it’s current difficulties.

The primary thing I’m concerned with is that I’m so comfortable with what I currently know I’m not sure if I’m willing to step outside that box. I enjoy what I currently know and stepping outside that comfort zone is unsettling. New computer information makes me a little apprehensive and doesn’t necessarily come easy for me. To work through this I plan to do a little each day so all of the information stays fresh and ask for help immediately rather than waiting for it to get worse.

The project I’m most eager about learning and working on is making a twitter bot. I don’t really take things like Twitter and other social media platforms very seriously so I thought it would be fun to make a Twitter bot that would generate the parts of movies that say the title of that movie.

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