Sep 27

Reflections: The Peripheral

Throughout Gibson’s “The Peripheral” many different themes are explored.  These include a variation on the class system, social structure, technological advances, and justice and morality. Morality in particular is a very common theme that is mentioned and implied to various aspects through the novel. This has taken several different forms through the chapters I have focused on in class discussions.

Morality was first mentioned in chapter 31, while at a meeting the main topic at hand for Flynne and the others was making and operating devices without the necessary patents. This transitions into printing the interfaces they need and whether or not it’s counterfeiting to do this without the patents. Even though the issue of building the device wasn’t relying heavily on morality, where the money came from did. This was one of the more frequent topics that was discussed and came up over several different chapters. We all agreed that in the larger spectrum, worrying about the presence of patents weren’t as important when compared to the reasoning behind their actions.

Flynne and Macon did not know for sure if the money came from builders operating with drugs or not. But by agreeing to work with the others, they acknowledge the risk that they would be potentially working through the underground operations or our equivalent to the black market.

Eventually they work through this moral struggle by working around a loop hole. This is shown on page 131 when Flynne says to Macon, “I know you’re particular about this, Macon, and so am I, but this isn’t like we’re taking money from people we know are builders.”  When they agree to do this they justify their actions and reasoning for accepting the challenge and taking the money.

This then transitions into the ethics of their reasoning as shown in chapter 81 when what is and isn’t illegal is further explored.

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