Feb 16


Color: For the color portion of the DesignBlitz, I wanted to compare the benefits of using vibrant color and essentially the absence of color (black and white).

DB8For the color picture I used a sign from a local store.  In this they used color to show how fresh and delicious the fruit was  to appeal to the consumer and convince them to buy there.



DB6Contrary to that, the black and white poster was used to depict a classic image of tradition to show how connected the product is to the community.


Either way, bright and muted color can both be used effectively in a design to convey any type of message without the use of words.

Form/Function: I selected a spiral staircase for this section to show that even a simple staircase can be functional and still look appealing to the eye.

DB7Unity: I thought this would be more difficult to find in the real world.  But after reading The Vignelli Canon I had a better understanding of what it meant and how to apply it.  I found an artistic chandellier at the mall and took one picture of the whole, than another close up to show the detail.

DB4The chandellier as a whole was pretty and had a unique form.






DB5When you look closer you can see that it’s also made of individual metal pieces that come together to make something that reflects the light from inside and out.


Rhythm: The final concept I used was rhythm. It was really fun because unlike the others this is very easy to find.  I decided to use a decorative pillow (made for its design elements no doubt) that probably wouldn’t be very comfortable but still looks nice in someones home.


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