Feb 02

What’s in the Bag?

As a roamer, Mack spends a lot of time wandering around the streets which means he carries a messenger bag with what he precieves are essenctial to his every day life.  Among those, the five that will always be there no matter the situation are:

Pocket WatchBag1

Mack’s most prized possession is a pocket watch that was passed down to him and severed as a reminder of better times from the past.  The picture he carries in it of his son gives him small hope for a better future than the present he lives now.

Leather Gloves Bag2

The cold wind in Chicago could be the harshest on the hands.  Mack would always carry a pair of leather gloves to keep warm during the coldest winters, and also to prevent leaving finger prints.

Current Newspaper CT

The newspaper was Macks main way to keep in touch with his contacts.  Through wanted adds, personals and obituaries, carrying a news paper not only gave the impression of normality but also served as a way to send and receive hidden messages.

Pack of Smokes Bag4

Everyone has a vice, this just so happen to be Macks.

Camera Bag5

Mack was never one to rush, if he was given a job he would personally surveillance the area until he felt comfortable he knew enough to successful do what he needed.

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