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Oct 06

The Double Double


Coding Environment

After reading chapter 1 I installed the newest version of Anaconda and read through the tutorials on how to use Jupyter Notebook and Python. All of the files are saved in a folder located within my documents titled “DGST 395” and in that I have different folders for coding files so everything is easily located. …

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Sep 29


Initially I became interested in programming because it felt like the next logical step in a society that is becoming more integrated with technology. For a long time I had several misconceptions on what programming actually was until I took a class during the summer that focused on writing through digital media. That was my …

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Sep 27

Reflections: The Peripheral

Throughout Gibson’s “The Peripheral” many different themes are explored.  These include a variation on the class system, social structure, technological advances, and justice and morality. Morality in particular is a very common theme that is mentioned and implied to various aspects through the novel. This has taken several different forms through the chapters I have …

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Apr 01

Reflections on Mapping

Even though I didn’t expect to learn anything new about maps or mapping, working with this module was a pleasant surprise. While the information from the resources on the mapping website from DGST 101 weren’t necessarily new, it was an interesting take on a now daily  necessity I never thought of in that way. Through …

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