Big Project Proposal

For the big project I will be presenting a video that compresses a single word from another (possibly larger) video. This will be done using a program that operates off of python to isolate a single work that is repeated most often for the majority of the main video.  The flexability of this type of program allows it to be used for a variety of reasons inducing academic. However, for this purpose of my project it will be more for entertainment.  I will be focusing one a word within a serious video that makes it funny and more entertaining.

Because python is still new to me and this particular program uses that, there are many risks that are attached to this project. These include not being able to work any of the functions or commands and simply not being able to run the program the way I’d like to. In the event that the program does run well, the main benefit from this project would be entertainment and possibly self reflection.

As I stated previously the program Videogrep will be used in python to finish this task. For additional help I will also use other internet forums and videos as other resources.

The tentative  schedule for the next week is to download the file and begin to look for a video to use. Once I have the video start experimenting until I am able to isolate the desired word. I will know I have been successful in this when I am able to create a video from the original that only plays the intended word.