Jun 25

Response to Twine

I have known about steam for several years now and have many friends who play a wide variety of games online. However this is the first time I have ever heard of Twine. After briefly going over it in class it sounded like something I thought was pretty interesting and after reading the article “Twine, the Videogame Technology for All” I was even more interested.

After playing with “The Message”  and “A Kiss” I was a little disappointed that I haven’t heard of this before. I really enjoyed playing both but “The Message” was probably my favorite. I couldn’t get into “A Kiss” enough to want to sit through it but “The Message” was perfect for me. I loved that it had a serious tone to it throughout and then at the end when I was sure it would be a deep, meaningful symbol the message for me was “butts”. I like this humor and what was even more engaging about the set up was it had a choose your own adventure feel to it and I loved that about the goosebumps books growing up also.

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