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Apr 27

Summary: Last case “Noir A Cheater”

This week O.L.D. was issued their final case of the semester. In keeping with the current story this case picks up after the last case of the Night Driver.  However this particular case has a twist.  To pay homage to the original source material from the very beginning of the semester, this case will be …

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Apr 20

8-bit Noir: Weekly Summary 13

This week we solved the case of the Night Driver. What started out as a missing video game turned into something much deeper and more sinister.  O.L.D had no idea this case would turn into something so complex. One cryptic note turned into another cryptic voice mail that sent the agency down a dark road …

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Apr 13

The Case of the Night Driver: Summary 12

The case of the Night Driver: Week One, It’s been a long stress filled week.  Nothing new there, it started out as any other week. Things were calm for once at O.L.D., but the peace was short lived.  A new case appeared, stolen property, and a game at that.  Having a fond appreciation for classic …

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Apr 06

Oh What a Tangled Web we Weave

The dark side of the web. Not to scare you or anything but you can never be too careful.  You think you’re safe in your comfy chair on the other side of that screen? For now you might be, but what about tomorrow, or the day after that? What about about the person on the …

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Mar 23

Week Nine Summary: Video Debut

This week has been very eventful. I listened to my radio show on the DS106 radio station which was fun. It was surreal and all of the feedback was greatly appreciated. Maybe I’ll apply that to my next journey into the radio show business. The reflections on my show can be found here, and the …

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