Digital Archaeology

For this assignment, the purpose was to disassemble an obsolete electronic device and find out as much detailed information as possible. From this information we were then able to create an annotated map to tell the story of the device. The sacrificial device we selected to disassemble was a 2005 Dell Dimension E510.








We decided to go with this one because there would be enough parts for everyone and we wanted to see if there were noticeable upgrades done to the hardware parts since 2005.








We each then picked three components to do additional  research on. The parts I researched were the floppy driver, the floppy ribbon cord and analog modem card.  Other computer parts that were used for this assignment were the intel chip, CPU, processor, Dell RAM, DVD-ROM drive, mother board and Barracuda along with the systems hard drive.


The collection that maps these devices can be found here, where they are discussed in more detail.