Digital Studies

This page will showcase work from Intro. to Digital Studies. I will primarily use WordPress because everything on this website operates with that and I’d like to keep everything the same to make it easy to navigate.

All of my work and projects related to this specific class can be found here with links to other pages as time progresses. I have a separate Known page that will have other blog posts.  All links for those will be shown here unless otherwise noted.

First Module

In this first module I will explore the history, effects, impacts and in some cases, controversy involving #activism.  Although activist hashtags are present in a variety of social media outlets, the primary media I will be focusing on are those used in Twitter.  

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Neuromancer Reflections

This section contains postings that reflect thoughts and evaluations on Neuromancer, a novel written by William Gibson at a turning point for technology. The novel focuses on an exaggerated world of the internet, technology, and the hackers that reside in it.  With it’s vivid descriptions and complex characters, Neuromancer leaves plenty of room for interpretations …

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