Mar 16

Debating for Devices

Previously in class we debated the ethics of purchasing phones and other cheap technology when their cheapness is enabled by exploitation of slave labor. For the purpose of the debate I helped with the back research but the group, primarily the speaker had all the material she needed since she had prior debate experience.  As we argued for the affirmative our primary material wasn’t to completely stop buying electronics but to gradually shift over time to more “clean” resources similar to Nokia.

Given the research we did and the readings we’ve covered in this class I believe that the slavery associated with electronics is a serious issue. However, given consumerism it would be almost impossible to completely switch products in an industry like this. What I purpose is a portion of the proceeds (since the prices are over priced) go towards agencies or programs to ensure people associated with the production are compensated for their work.  The research in this topic has shown me the consumer market has to assume the materials in electrical devices were obtained legitimately, and until programs are situated and supported to ensure locals safety I don’t think the cycle will be concluded.


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