Apr 20

8-bit Noir: Weekly Summary 13

This week we solved the case of the Night Driver. What started out as a missing video game turned into something much deeper and more sinister.  O.L.D had no idea this case would turn into something so complex. One cryptic note turned into another cryptic voice mail that sent the agency down a dark road bringing the truth to light. We soon discovered why Prof. Groom wanted us to be discrete. The voice mail can be found here along with the video detailing our progress with pictures for evidence and the case reports.


  1. Kathy Onarheim

    Some solid group work and collaboration over the semester. It was a pleasure to consume and follow your creations! Keep growing with your new skills. #4Life.

    from the old person…..;-) (have to admit – that tweet was a highlight this spring for me!)

    1. Kathy Onarheim

      P.S. – it was a highlight because you pegged me in my 40’s and I am actually newly retired and at the second half of my 50’s – so it was great to know the container age isn’t always the age you have to assume.

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