Mar 23

A Final Reflection on Radio Shows

By the time I was able to listen to my show Dinner Party at 6 I had already listened to it several times. Not just for creating and editing purposes, but for my own personal enjoyment (and to get feedback from friends and family). I also enjoyed the fact that every time I listened to it I always discovered something new. But the first time I heard it on air, it was a very surreal feeling.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment knowing I had participated in something that was generally perceived as a good product.  My group put a lot of hard work into it and we were pleased that everyone enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Given the chance to do the project again the main thing I would do differently is organize the dialogue and script more.  We previously didn’t write in for the characters to address each other by name very often.  During the writing process it seemed redundent, we were looking right at each other and knew who we were talking to. It never occurred to us that it would be difficult for the audience to follow along because it was on the radio and they couldn’t see what we were seeing.  A small detail that would have moved the story along more smoothly and decrease any confusion.  It wasn’t brought to my attention until Prof. Burtis pointed it out after the radio show.  It’s interesting how such a small detail could change the entire listening experience of the show.

In general, I enjoyed the entire process. From the beginning of the brainstorming process to the final editing and piecing everything together. I worked with a great group of people and we worked just as hard as we played.  I believe that’s where our greatest strength came in.  Even though we worked very hard we never really thought of it as work.  By far the most difficult part was the writing.  It seems like a simple process but it’s extremely involved.  Because of that, I would tell future DS106 students to get started as soon as possible. Write down every idea, collaborate with your team and most importantly, have fun with it.

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