Feb 02

A Look Through My Lens

Visuals of Storytelling

My current experience with photography is minimal to say the least.  I’m almost on the same level with a typical tourist, the only thing that works in my favor is I don’t include a portion of my finger in the pictures.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I take an average amount of pictures simply because of the sheer volume of selfies a person would take.  I hardly take pictures at all unless it’s a special occasion and have never thought twice about it.  But after reading, watching and really paying attention to the techniques I found it’s actually a lot of fun.

Through this assignment I realized that when you incorporate the entire setting in the picture it conveys a particular mood and sends a message rather than simply capturing a moment or object in time.  I found all of the articles to be extremely informative and they all offered tips a novice like me could easily understand and apply.  Of those, the most helpful were the “Rules of Film Noir and how to light it” and “Storytelling & Visual Literacy”.   Since reading and practicing new techniques I haven’t necessarily become more bold with taking pictures of myself but I have embraced the essence of Noir and have had more fun than I anticipated I would.  Here’s a small sample of some of the misc. pictures I have taken when playing with shadows and lighting:

Noir1 Noir2

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