May 01

Daily Create Ideas

For my daily create suggestions I wanted to do something new so it took a little while to let the creative juices get ripe.  What I decided on was one for photography and the other audio.  The one for photography is called “What’s Your Best Meme Impersonation”. In this you would take a picture doing an impersonation of your favorite meme (this would be really fun with grumpy cat). You could either use the same text or make up your own. Fun, simple and it’s good practice for using text with pictures.

The next one for audio is called “What’s Your Evil Laugh”. I’m sure at one point we’ve done done a mad scientist or Dr.Evil impersonation. Now you can record it and with that take over the world *evil laugh*. But seriously, like the other it’s fairly simple and would serve as a good introduction to soundcloud and recording in audacity.

Coming up with these ideas was a lot of fun. I wanted to try and link them to the suggestions I made but I guess that’s not possible. Either way I’m going to tune in more and see if any are published.

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