Mar 02

Daily Creates (Week 7)

Teal, Blue and Orange tdc1146

Teal, Blue and Orange

For the DC on Teal, Blue and Orange I had no idea what to do. I decided to think it over throughout the day and hoped something would come to me.  Unfortunately it came towards the end of the day in the form of honoring the late Leonard Nimoy. I grew up watching re-runs of Star Trek and this felt like something I needed to do. RIP Mr. Spock




The second DC I did was #HeelConcept. I thought it was kinda silly but in a fun kind of way.  I had never been more self-conscious of my feet than I was when doing this.  The first thought I had was “My god it looks like a huge man foot” No matter the angle it looked weird.  But this is DS106 where we embrace the weird, odd and unique.  I used a jar of cocoa butter because it’s been my miracle cream during these freezing cold days.

TDCEFor the final Daily create, I forgot to post it in Flickr and post it on the day it came out. I made it with my sister and it sat in my phone for a week. I don’t use emojis so it was something a little different.  Definitely more her area than mine.

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  1. Daniel McLeod

    What a great tribute to Leonard Nimoy! Truly a legendary actor and icon for all Trekkies!

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