Mar 30

In The Dark: Final Cut

This has certainly been a first for me.  First time I ever ventured to make a “movie” and the first time I ever really published said movie on youtube.  A year ago I would never have thought I would be at this point but here I am.

The process itself was challenging (that seems to be a running theme in Noir), I see now why actors demand so much compensation. Has I stated previously it was difficult syncing everyone’s schedules together and making sure we had enough time for recording. We made do with what we had and even improvised with a few extras when we realized we would need an extra hand.  The process was fun, the most difficult so far. Wish I had invested more in acting classes, you can tell we enjoyed ourselves. We were beat down, sore, tired and a little worn out, but as they say in Hollywood: The show must go on. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you….. In the Dark.


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  1. Paul

    Epic fight scenes!

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