Feb 16

Macks Magic Cards

This assignment was done with my character in mind.  I had never played Magic the Gathering, but I have played Pokemon and a little bit of Yu-gi-Oh. I thought, how difficult could it be? The answer… Very.  Magic the Gathering is a hard, complicated and confusing game.  It’s as if someone took Dungeons and Dragons and put the entire game board on a deck of cards.  No wonder this assignment was worth so much. Sadly I wasn’t able to devote enough time to this as I should have, but I tried.

createcard1.phpI attempted to do a little bit of research to make something that would actually make sense and along the way I felt like I was stuck in a trap card.  Next time I’m going to stick with what I know unless I have enough time to learn.


  1. Spencer Scott

    I like that you used a Legendary Creature card for your design.
    On your comment that it’s hard and confusing, that may be because Pokemon and Yu-gi-Oh were designed for children. I used to dabble in all 3 when I was much younger, but found Magic’s “confusion” turned out to be a lot of depth that isn’t present in the other 2.

  2. Megan Rosengrant

    FYI I totes still have the DVD tutorial for Yu-gi-oh from when I was a kid. For card games they pack a punch!

  3. Megan Rosengrant

    FYI, I totes still have the DVD tutorial for Yu-gi-oh from when I was a kid. Totally feel you.

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