Apr 06

My Card

My card.

In the past I never had a business card. There was never really much need for one. My work would always speak for itself and would have my own personal touch to it. You might have seen it in the paper or on the news. Anyway, that was my old job. In this line of work you need something a little more…professional. It’s still a work in progress of course. Consider this the first draft, after all, how many people automatically make gold the first time around error free?

I didn’t exactly go anywhere fancy to get it done. I made it myself using the program gimp 2 and put all of my information on there. Once again, nothing too fancy but still simple and clean.  Very similar to my previous work if you catch my drift.

BusinessCardYou like it? As always suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


  1. Dalina Beckham

    That is clever! I like it.

  2. Emily Bostaph

    Love the design of the card, especially the classic noir blinds

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