Apr 06

Oh What a Tangled Web we Weave

The dark side of the web. Not to scare you or anything but you can never be too careful.  You think you’re safe in your comfy chair on the other side of that screen? For now you might be, but what about tomorrow, or the day after that? What about about the person on the next street over? Before I would have been one of those people you should be worried about, but now with the help of my assocoates Miakoda and Rex, I’m one of those people who’s actually protecting you through an agency called O.L.D. (OnLine Dectives). Go figure right? Watch Passengers (2016)

If you look on the website you’ll learn a little bit more about me, the agency and what we do. In addition to that you can also find my resume, business card and a few other little odds and ends including my brand new Pinterest and a look at the past events that lead me here (my “last words” and a comparison to the past).

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