Mar 02

Radio Show Debut

Week 7, the second half of the two week long development of the Noir radio show is finally upon us.  After the bumpy start we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.  However, when it rains it pours.  We quickly realized that the varying schedules and times we were available would be a difficult issue to work with.

The full description of our progress can be found here (Radio Show Progress) detailing the last half of the radio show.  The finished product can be found here (Dinner Party at 6:00) for your viewing pleasure.  This assignment consumed  most of the time during this week.  Because of this the only other assignments due were three Daily Creates found here and additional commenting on 10 fellow classmates.  Links to the 10 comments can be found below:

Daily Create , Radio Progress

Radio Show Week 2

Broadcasting week 7

Radio Week 2

Week 7 Summary

Second Week of Radio Show



This Weeks Daily Create


Everyone did great work and it was so much fun watching the progress from start to finish and listening to everyone’s hard work pay off. Kudos to everyone!





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