Mar 16

Radio Show Listen In

This week we had the opportunity to participate in another listen-along. In the previous week (before spring break) we presented our groups radio shows.  In week 8 we did critiques of the first round of shows and I participated in the tweet – along for Wed. night show “The Steadfast Sleuths” and the Thurs. night shows “Noir not the Father” followed by NOIRTalk.

The Steadfast Sleuths were about a group of female detectives that were trying to solve the murder/disappearance  of their friend. Overall, I found the show very enjoyable.


The pace wasn’t so slow that it was boring and was just fast enough for me to follow along and keep me engaged. Because I couldn’t follow the entire show  I tuned into the Thursday night show where I caught the last half of Noir not the Father, which was a unique twist on a classic Noir theme, dramatic love triangles.  

And finally, NOIRTalk, a slightly mellower show that focused more on the mysterious aspect of the Noir element. Listening to this left me with more questions than answers (great cliff hanger!) and I can only sit and wait for a sequel  to see how it all comes together.


This was a great start to the radio show listen – alongs. The commercials were clever and flowed perfectly with their shows. I’m excited for the next round of shows and eager for the airing of my show. This past week showed a theme with NoirCat commercials, makes me wonder what theme next week will show.

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