Mar 02

Radio Show Progress: Completed

Wow. From beginning to end this project proved to embody the very  element of Noir. In the previous week a majority of the group decided upon the theme “America’s Most Wanted”.  However the dialogue proved to be too difficult to work with or work around many of the group members schedules.  On Wed we decided once more to try and work with the original dialogues, but it simply was not working no matter how hard we tried.  We all unanimously came to the conclusion it would be best not to waste anymore time on something that wasn’t working out and consumed too much time.

From there we came up with a unique blend of “Clue” with a serious of unfortunate events taking a comedic spin on Noir.  It was fun making and it resulted in a fun, thrilling hilarious series of plots twists and turns.  We put the completed dialogue together on Saturday and now…. without further adue, I bring you….. A Dinner Party at 6:00.


Below you will find the commercial I contributed to the radio show.


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