Apr 06

Resume: Macks Step into a Legal Profession

Qualifications for the position.

Even though Rex Ryan offered me the job he still needed to see my resume to make sure I was “qualified” enough. I actually laughed. First you offer me the job then say you need to make sure I can do it? If there were any doubt I never should have been offered it in the first place.  But that’s not the point. Apparently it’s for paper work or something to that effect.  It’s ridiculous demands like this that made me not want the legit life with the actual job. I guess rules are rules. We all have a code we have to live by, so I made him the darn thing. Just like before I let my work speak for itself. A piece of paper wont actually depict what I do or how well it’s done. I can tell we’re going to have a lot of fun me and Rex.


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