Feb 16

The Legend of Prof. Groom

This weeks assignment was one of personal favorites (so far). On occasion I’ve been know to Photoshop a few professors images here and there but I’ve never been encouraged to do it for a grade.  That being said I put a lot of effort into it and was pleased with the result.  I don’t have Photoshop anymore so I used GIMP which was an experience but I’ll get the hang of it soon.

I haven’t had to pleasure to meet Prof. Groom yet so I really wanted to make a statement with this.  According to his involvement with the digital center (and apparently the Russians?) his presence is legndary so I used the poster from I Am Legend with Will Smith (pretty movie FYI)

i-am-legend-movieI borrowed this picture of Prof. Groom

jim_groomand from there since I’m still working out the kinks with GIMP I layered and trimmed off sections of the original until I ended up with this….

IamGroomCouldn’t really figure out how to blend the color just right but I think the black and white head kind of makes it pop and adds a little drama to the picture.

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  1. Brian Goulet

    Haha! This was a brilliant idea, really funny. This idea really inspired the comedic aspect for me somehow because I would have never thought of using Groom in place of Will Smith.

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