Apr 06

The Old Macks Last Words

Any last words?

“Well, guess I don’t have much of a choice do I”? – My infamous last words…. sort of.

They weren’t exactly my last words ever, but they were the last words of my past self, the old me before I got “reformed”. I should probably back up a little…. I had been arrested before, several times in fact, but this last time with Rex Ryan was different. Instead of throwing me in the big house and loosing the key in some deep dark hole he offered me a unique and surprising opportunity.  The chance of a life time to put my “skills” as it were to good use. If you ask me I didn’t think they were half bad before, but this way I could still do what I do best but with a legit twist. I wouldn’t get locked up and it kept my tail out of prison which is a huge plus.

But back to my death scene, these last words were a little more poetic than you might think. They weren’t just the dieing words of a two bit thug with nothin’ bleedin’ out in the street. They were the last words of my old life, and  it wasn’t a shaky handed cop pullin’ the trigger either. It was me locking that shmuck away somewhere hopefully I wouldn’t be able to find again.  Know what the crazy part is? It was actually kind of liberating.  I guess in a round about way I did have a choice, I decided to change my life around instead of just talking about it. What started out as some famous last words turned into a new beginning, let’s see what the future holds shall we?


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