Apr 06

The Past vs Present

Past Vs Present. Two different entities, or one in the same?

At no given time did I ever think I would be here.  I knew I wouldn’t be in the streets forever, but at no point did I ever think I would be working for a detective agency, as a detective no less.  Before I was the one getting arrested, and now I’m the one doing the arresting. A strange and ironic twist of fate I guess I have Rex Ryan to thank for. This change in life professions is represented in the picture below.  It shows an image (not me, just a representation) of what my old life was like.  Isolated, like a caged animal in a zoo. Nothing to do but pace around and think while the people poke at you with mental sticks. In my opinion it was worse than the actual act. And now, I’m on the other doing the poking. Makes you wonder who’s really the animal here. Sometimes I still think and wonder… Am I still in the cage? Feels like it, the bars just got a little wider and changed into blinds.



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  1. Dalina Beckham

    The cage doesn’t seem like a nice place to be lol

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