Feb 16

Week 5 Summary: Design Elements

This week we focused on different concepts associated with design in noir.  As an intro into the different types of design I read The Vignelli Canon and used that as a guide on what can make up the designs and how they’re used.  This was extremely useful while taking pictures for designblitz and analyzing Blade Runner.  The reading helped to keep me focused on design and not to confuse it with the images that were the focus of previous assignments.

The most complicated aspect this week was creating my own designs using Gimp.  I’m a little more familiar with Photoshop but after doing the assingments (photo editing with the poster and wallpaper) I am warming up to it a little more and enjoying the process.  In addition to that I also reviewed the different components of Copyright and Creative Commons I wasn’t aware of before.

At the end of the week I learned the difference between what makes a visual image of noir (lighting and shadows) and what makes a design element (structure, form and rhythm).

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