Feb 23

Week 6: Part 1 of Radio Show

This week was the first part of a two week process focusing on creating a radio show.  Because of that all of the activities and assignments centered around audio creating and editing.  I started the week by participating in the radio listen-along.  I was most looking forward to this because it was so much fun last time.  I was able to participate in the entire show because of the snow day (which made the experience more enjoyable than last time).  The show had everything that embodied Noir.  There was action, suspense and just a little humor. In some way it influenced the direction I wanted to take the group project for the radio show.

In addition to the production of the radio show, the process started a little slow. I think there was a little bit of scrambling around on everyone’s part when looking for a group.  But once I located mine (Eagles in the Dark) we began moving forward with an idea, once we started brainstorming there was no stopping us.  We established a great theme centering around Americas Most Wanted and were able to incorporate all of our characters in an amazingly creative way.  From there I created a variation of the logo for our show.  It was a little difficult because we hadn’t settled on a name for the show, but I was still pleased with the outcome.

From there, I was able to experiment with audio files using audacity and a new program soundation studio.  It was much needed practice that helped me fine tune and work on my editing skills a little more.  After that I looked around at my fellow classmates websites looking for more inspiration and observing different techniques they used.

I began with the other members of my group first:

Patrick  ,  AbigailKassia , Cheyanne , Amanda

And then I went and did the same with other classmates:

Jack , Spencer , Stephanie , Tiffany , Kathy

Over all, I’m really impressed with all the ideas. You can tell everyone is working really hard on them. I think it would be a fun idea to pick one of the stories (or all?) and do another tweet-along. Maybe for extra credit?  I’m just looking for another excuse to have another one.  I digress, I know everyone is going to produce something great and I look forward to hearing the finished products.

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