Mar 16

Week 8 Summary: Critiques, Inspirations and Comments…Oh My!

This week was full of recognition and appreciation.  We kicked the week off with tweet-alongs featuring the first set of radio shows from the groups that were published in the previous week before spring break. Naturally I was excited (I love tweet-alongs), it was the perfect mix of reviewing, critiquing and participation.

In addition with that we had the opportunity to give some much deserved show outs to the students who inspired us to push harder, strive to expand on our own work and think outside the box. For this week I did mine on: Amanda, Kassia, The Jota, and Spencer.

The assignments for this week also gave us the chance to expand and really develop our characters a little more and provide some more information into their backgrounds and personality. I chose to collaborate with Kassia in creating a voice mail where our characters played an intense game of telephone tag. The other assignments were used to build more upon his character and the final one was done in conjunction with my groups radio show “Dinner Party at 6”. This included a spooky sound and wanted poster.

And finally, the remaining work was made up of three daily creates, additional commenting and creating social media (gmail and twitter) for characters.
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