Mar 23

Week Nine Summary: Video Debut

This week has been very eventful. I listened to my radio show on the DS106 radio station which was fun. It was surreal and all of the feedback was greatly appreciated. Maybe I’ll apply that to my next journey into the radio show business. The reflections on my show can be found here, and the other radio show I participated in on the tweet a long can be found here.

The primary focus of the week was an introduction in video making and analyzing.  To prepare for this I read Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie and watched three short clips focusing on different elements used in creating movies, most specifically camera angles.  The video analysis can be found here and the trailer for next weeks big video assignment can be found here.  And finally, the daily creates for this week can be found here.

I was under the impression that the editing for the radio show was difficult, I was certainly in for a surprise. Each assignment continuously gets more and more challenging. I feel that this will be the most difficult yet :/ I’m a little apprehensive and foresee several visits to the digital center in the next.

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