Apr 01

Reflections on Mapping

Even though I didn’t expect to learn anything new about maps or mapping, working with this module was a pleasant surprise. While the information from the resources on the mapping website from DGST 101 weren’t necessarily new, it was an interesting take on a now daily  necessity I never thought of in that way.

Through reading this material I also learned more about GIS , what it’s meant for and the different ways it can be used. The concept of taking one already interpreted version of the world and putting it into another framework was the motivation behind using what I had learned of GIS and mapping to apply into a more realistic representation of the map of world shown in the HBO Game of Thrones series.

A link to the map can be found here.

I believe this was more of a success with little room for improvement. To prepare for this I created a detailed PowerPoint I was unfortunately unable to share with the class. However, I did learn from previous modules and made sure to do extensive research and ensure that was reflected in the final product by distinguishing between the actual and fictional locations with different layers and icons.  For presentation purposes however only one point “Jon and Ygritte’s love nest” has an image added. At the end of this module, I have a better understanding of reading maps more critically and now have the ability to show that in an interactive map.

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