May 01

Tutorials: Haiku About You

This first tutorial is on one of the assignments I created for this class.  This particular one is for the writing assigment “Haiku About You”.

To do this you first have to be familiar with the rules of writing a haiku.  These poems are short, 17 syllables in 3 lines.  The first and third lines have 5 syllables while the second has 7. It doesn’t have to rhyme, but if you choose to make it lines 1 and 3 are usually the ones that are rhymed.


For the purpose of this tutorial I’ll be using DS106 as inspiration:

DS 106

Once you’re in, it is for life;

It can not be mixed.

See? Easy right, the entire poem has 17 syllables, each broken down into 3 lines. I made the first and third line rhyme for effect.

Hope this helped!

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